Medical marijuana is defined in Poland as “a pharmaceutical raw material for the manufacture of prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals. Various forms of this raw material are authorized for the manufacture of prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals: a) non-fibrous hemp herbs and pharmaceutical extracts and tinctures derived therefrom, b) any other non-fibrous hemp extracts, and c) non-fibrous hemp resin. Since the Polish Pharmacopoeia does not contain a hemp monograph, the monograph of the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB) is currently used. In Poland, medical cannabis is not yet reimbursed under the health insurance system, but work on reimbursement is currently underway.

When can a doctor prescribe medical cannabis?

In Poland, medical cannabis can be prescribed by any doctor (except veterinarians). Whether and in what amount cannabis will be prescribed depends on the doctor’s judgment. It is important that the doctor is aware of the current state of research, and therefore acts according to the best of his or her knowledge and conviction and within the scope of his or her own knowledge and skills.