Medical cannabis and the medicines made from it are Group 1-N narcotics and, as such, may only be prescribed with a Rpw prescription. In Poland, any physician may issue such a prescription. Just like any other Rpw prescription, a prescription for medical cannabis must contain either the total amount of the prescribed substance expressed in words or the amount of the narcotic drug expressed in number of dosage units and dosage size. The quantity must not exceed the patient’s needs for more than 90 days. In addition, the exact daily dose must be indicated on the prescription. The maximum daily dose is not currently specified. Only one drug may be prescribed per prescription and the prescription must be filled at the pharmacy within 30 days of issuance.

If the amount prescribed is not sufficient for the intended period of use, for example, if the doctor and patient decide that the dose needs to be increased, the doctor may also issue another prescription before the end of the original intended period of use.

Initially, 3 consecutive Rpw prescriptions may be issued. The duration of use must not exceed 90 days in total. If the doctor and patient decide to continue marijuana therapy after 90 days, the doctor may decide to continue treatment at his or her discretion.

When issuing a prescription, it may be useful to know the availability of different packages so that the total amount prescribed per prescription can be dispensed as one package or multiples thereof. This is not absolutely necessary, however, as the pharmacist can open and repackage packages if the prescribed amount requires it.